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FAQ About Shopkick and our Shopkick Cheats Engine!

What Is Shopkick

Shopkick is a mobile based app that rewards users with kicks which can be exchanged for different prizes. Starbucks, Paypal, Amazon, and many more gift cards can be obtained from using Shopkick. Users need to earn points called "kicks" which when accumulated, can be exchanged easily to items of your choice easily.

How To Earn Kicks

Earning kicks in a legit way can be easy and exciting, well during the first few months of course. Users can earn points by logging in daily to Shopkick. Other methods are buying items and scanning the receipts, entering accredited shops by Shopkicks, referring friends to join Shopkick using your own link, and other options as well. Doing these can earn you thousands of kicks a day, but time will come when they get to slow down and acquiring required points to get those gift cards can take days and lots of walk-ins to achieve. That's why we created our own version of Shopkick Cheats and hack engine.

Our Shopkick Cheats and Hack Online Engine v7.4

There's a reason why you reach this page - you want to earn kicks FAST and EASY. You come to the right place. Introducing our Shopkick Cheats and Hack Online Engine, now at v7.4. Using our online shopkick cheats tool will let you add thousands of kicks to your account instantly! Getting your gift cards has never been so easy.

Our Shopkick Cheats tool is a web-based app that works by communicating with Shopkick servers to insert values on your account's kicks space. This is done by our team of technical guys that has been to app-developing for years and are familiar with how things happen on the background for reward based app like Shopkick.

How To Use Shopkick Cheats and Hack Online Engine v7.4

It's very simple. Go to our online Shopkick Cheats website and enter your username or email address connected to your Shopkick account. Connect your phone to your PC and open Shopkick. Select the options you want to be added to your account and click Start. Wait for the confirmation message and restart Shopkick on your phone, Enjoy the free kicks afterwards!

Is It Safe?

Our Shopkick Cheats tool is 100% safe with no history of users being banned or punished. We limit the number of kicks that can be added to an account daily to ensure things appear to be natural in Shopkick's eyes. Our methods of adding kicks are also tested to be safe, including sending referral link to "phantom" users that will give you points, and making it appear that a user walks in to a Shopkick partner shop from other parts of the country by using GPS related tricks.

Shopkick Cheats Tool Users' Feedbacks

Didn't expected it to work but after around 5 minutes, 50,000 kicks were added to my account instantly. Thank you!


Using Shopkick is fun. Using it with our Shopkick Cheats's just way more better!

No more waiting for days to get the kicks you want. Our Shopkick Cheats Tool is here to help. Use it fast before it's too late. We only accomodoate the first 150 users per day!

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